More Than a Game

The Deer Lakes Hockey Club, with the blessing and support of the Rupprecht Family, is once again hosting the Annual Maura C. Rupprecht Memorial Alumni Game. The game is being held with a bigger purpose – to provide more mental health support and suicide prevention services to our youth.

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Social Media, Mental Health and Suicide


Since 2012, I’ve been doing trainings trying to help adults understand the world of youth, technology, social media, and mental health. When I first started doing my trainings, I was targeting the parents of high school aged kiddos. Now I’m trying to get elementary parents to my trainings. As youth get technology younger and younger, they can see and misunderstand healthy and unhealthy mental health.

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New Resources!

Legal Resources

With a mental health counseling background, my goal is to provide the resources needed to raise emotionally healthy youth in the digital age. Something I hear often when training adults is, “I’m so glad I grew up before the internet.” Even though we didn’t have the internet, we were young and full of mistakes.

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Suicide Prevention Month

We can all do our part to help prevent suicide. I’ve tried to compile the best resources you need to learn about suicide prevention.

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Safe2Say Results


I was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Hardison for the article, “Pennsylvania set up a tip line for school threats. Instead, students overwhelmingly called with mental health concerns.” When I was asked if I was surprised by the high level of mental health concerns being reported by students, I said I was not.

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New Resource: Cyberbullying


Working in a middle school, I often speak to youth who report being “bullied.” School counselors spend time looking at the scenarios and helping youth understand the difference between being rude, mean, and bullying.

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