A Great White shark washes up at the Outer Banks!!

Or maybe not…

“AI-generated images are everywhere. Here’s how to spot them”

While scrolling through social media recently, I came across a post depicting a Great White shark washed up on the beach at OBX. The images showed people surrounding it, with some attempting to offer assistance. As I read through the comments, it became evident that everyone was taken aback by the presence of this colossal shark on a familiar beach. However, upon closer inspection, I quickly discerned that the images were generated by AI. A swift Internet search confirmed my suspicion.

Lately, I have been engaging with various AI art-generating applications (which I recommend you explore as well). This experimentation has allowed me to delve into the mechanics of these platforms, assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and common errors. It’s evident that these technologies are continuously evolving and refining their capabilities. Presently, AI struggles with accurately rendering details such as fingers and glasses, often giving itself away when subjected to a pinch-and-zoom examination. Yet, these imperfections are likely to diminish over time, making it increasingly challenging even for adults to differentiate between reality and artificiality.

However, the challenge becomes even more pronounced for the younger generation, who are more susceptible to accepting things at face value. In light of this, I stumbled upon an informative article outlining a highly effective approach for discerning real from fake using the S-I-F-T model. Developed by research scientist Mike Caufield, SIFT stands for four critical steps: Stop, Investigate the source, Find better coverage, and Trace the original context. I firmly believe that adopting this methodology can significantly enhance your digital detective skills.

I encourage you to read this enlightening article and stay abreast of the techniques for distinguishing authenticity from fabrication. Acquiring this skill set will undoubtedly prove invaluable as AI continues to advance and further entwine itself within our daily lives. Your proactive approach to digital literacy will serve you well in navigating the evolving landscape of technology and information.  ~Ryan