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Youth Contributors

See how youth are making a difference in the community to make the digital world a better and safer place.


Meet Our Youth Contributors

While adults, parents, counselors, professionals, and law enforcement can help create responsible children on the internet and social media, children, tweens, and teens can influence peers by being positive role models for one another. 

At Shape the Sky, we highlight youth contributing to the Shape the Sky mission and making the community a better place. These children, tweens, and teens have helped others by starting organizations at their schools, creating fundraisers, constructing lessons about smartphone use, and more. See how youth are shaping other youth!

Youth Spotlights

Our Youth Contributors

Aubrey Burchell

Update on Aubrey!!! Shape The Sky initially highlighted an amazing youth in 2019, Aubrey Burchell. Here is the latest news on Aubrey….She is killing it on America’s Got Talent!

Giovanna Niccolai

Giovanna, Shape the Sky’s first intern, created nine lesson plans for high school-aged students related to technology, social media, and social-emotional learning. During her internship, she attended in-person and virtual trainings with founder Ryan Klingensmith to present her perspective on social media and technology as a high school student.

Abigail Caputo

Abigail founded the Big Sisters Club at her high school to help middle school girls become leaders and role models. Through this organization, Abigail and twelve other students taught 7th and 8th-grade girls about social issues and how to prevent, cope, and get help with social struggles.

Wesley Westerman

Wesley has made it his mission to help veterans on Thanksgiving every year by donating turkeys. One year, he collected over 40 turkeys to distribute to local veterans in Allegheny County.

Rebecca Havko

Rebecca Havko has helped Shape the Sky with editing blog posts and acting as a youth consultant. She’s a talented writer who has written many short stories and fiction pieces, and her goal is to become an author.

Bekah Gerace

Raising Awareness: Bekah Gerace I was lucky to attend a talk by Bekah Gerace. She spoke so clearly on a subject that is very important to me. She flawlessly presented…

Liv McNeil

A Filmmaker: Liv McNeil I stumbled upon the video Numb posted above. This video amazingly captures how youth may be feeling during this difficult time of forced virtual schooling. Then…

Emma Kobelenske

Fitting In: Emma Kobelenske Meet Emma Kobelenske, a young lady trying to help other kids feel welcomed. She has set a mission to help kids that feel like they don’t…

Gabe Rongier

Seeing a Snapchat Red-Flag: Gabe Rongier Ryan has been discussing the positives of social media since he started talking in public about youth and technology. Mental health red-flags online are…

Livia Bookwood

Suicide Prevention: Liv Bookwood Liv put together this wonderful PSA video on suicide prevention for her school. I love seeing youth take on prevention efforts!