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Join the hundreds of students who already signed the “Think Before You Post” Pledge, created by student Kari Ann Leventopoulos to promote healthy and safe smartphone use.


Youth Shaping Youth

When Kari was in middle school, she approached Shape the Sky to become a role model for other students and teach responsible technology use. Before joining the Shape the Sky community, Kari had already created “Get S.M.A.R.T.,” which stands for “Social Media Awareness and Responsibility Training,” to teach other students about safe social media use. 

After learning about Shape the Sky’s mission, Kari was interested in joining our community. She believed that one of the first steps to achieve our mission was for youth to pledge to use technology responsibly.

“Plan Before You Post: Shape Your future” Pledge

“I’m starting this pledge because kids are becoming unhealthy and addicted to their smartphones.” -Kari Ann Leventopoulos

Before I Post Or Share Anything On Social Media I Will...

  • Use Technology With Integrity

    Integrity is defined as: “doing the right thing even when no one (my parent/guardian) is watching.”

  • Think Before I Post

    I will consider how my family, friends, teachers, neighbors and others, will view my words/photos/memes.

  • Post For Permanency

    I will remember that what I message, post or share is permanent; I cannot take it back and it can be shared by others and seen by anyone. I realize that even after I delete something, it may have been saved somewhere I can’t see or it can be recovered.

  • Post With A Purpose

    I will have a good reason before I send a message or share anything on social media. I will never use a message or social media to make anyone feel bad.

  • Safeguard For Security

    I will keep my personal information and that of others safe. I will not message or post my last name, address, phone number, birth date, age, school I attend, school ID, driver’s license, user name or ID for any accounts (for example a social media ID) or any other important identifying information to anyone through a text or over social media without consulting an adult first.

  • Minimize Screen-Time So I Have Down-Time

    I will keep my screen time (excluding watching TV, movies and doing school work) to an amount agreed upon between me and my parents/guardians. I understand that too much screen time can be unhealthy and can prevent me from getting enough sleep and doing well in school. I will find a healthy balance between using my smartphone/electronic device and enjoying non-screen-related activities. I know that less screen-time means more time for me to spend actually doing things

  • Say What I See

    If I see something bad, wrong, inappropriate, distressful, or something I don’t understand I will tell an adult. If I see a message or post that will harm someone physically or emotionally (including posts by or about a friend or someone I know) I will tell an adult so they can help.

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Kari L

Meet Kari

In 2019, Kari Ann Leventopoulos was a middle school student working to raise awareness about the need for guidance for tweens and teens using social media and digital devices. She wanted to spread the message to youth like herself to “Think before you post and unplug to unwind!” She heard about Shape the Sky through her school and attended a training session.

With a little encouragement from Shape the Sky, Kari Ann decided to write a pledge to help kids learn how to take control of their time and better manage the way they portray themselves online, thereby protecting their future!