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We need a community of invested individuals to help grow our mission of creating responsible children on smartphones, the internet, and social media. Start the conversation today!

Shape the Sky Community

A Community for Change

When you use the internet and social media, you become part of it. This means you are responsible for keeping it a safe and healthy environment for children, tweens, and teens. 

The internet and social media can be full of cyberbullying, concerning content, misinformation, dangerous trends, and more. That’s why we must guide our youth and start the conversation about responsible social media and internet use. By doing so, youth will build a responsible digital reputation and positive relationship with technology going into adulthood. 

Mother and Daughter

Shape the Sky Youth Contributors

In addition to having a community of invested individuals to make a difference, it also takes dedicated youth to be positive role models to make a difference. At Shape the Sky, we recognize youth making the world a better place with their actions.

See how the youth in our community are making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

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Shape the Sky Sponsorships

At Shape the Sky, we believe our community can make a difference in youth on smartphones and devices. That’s why we partner with amazing organizations that devote their time, energy, and resources to keeping our children safe online.