Youth Curated Resources

Youth Shaping Youth

Creating responsible children on smartphones and social media takes more than a community of invested adults; it also takes children inspiring others to get involved. See how the youth are shaping other youth.

Montour High School Youth Projects

At Shape the Sky, we share youth curated resources that align with our mission to inspire other children and adults to join the conversation. We share content created by classes, students, and individuals about changing how children and teens use social media.

One example in which students inspired other students toward responsible smartphones is in Mr. Waldron’s CHS Cybersecurity and Law class at Montour High School in western Pennsylvania. He reached out to Shape the Sky about his students creating projects around social media and technology. His class then generated projects based on Shape the Sky's mission and the students' perspectives on social media as high school students. 

Similar to Mr. Waldron’s class, if your students are interested in creating resources for parents or students as a class project, don’t hesitate to contact us.


2021 Project: Social Media and Mental Health

How does the overuse of social media affect the mental health of adolescents? What do parents need to know? Learn about what adolescents can do to avoid the risks associated with social media.


2021 Project: Misinformation: A Social Media Epidemic

How does misinformation spread? Why is misinformation so important? Understand how to avoid misinformation.


2020 Project: Digital Safety Tips From Teens

Are children safe and responsible enough to use social media in today’s society? The goal of this project is to inform parents about the good and bad effects of technology.


2020 Project: The Good, the Bad, and Ugly of TikTok

Is TikTok a safe and educational platform for your children to use? Learn about the best and worst of TikTok, age ratings, risks, and more.