Shape the Sky Testimonials

See what parents, educators, counselors, and childcare professionals are saying about Shape the Sky!

“The talk Ryan gave at our in-service a few years ago was the best professional development I have had in 17 years of education.”

School Counselor – Cannon McMillan School District

“The Shape the Sky presentation by Ryan Klingensmith is extremely informative and relevant. He has presented at our school twice now and each time had the most updated research and material to share. His presentation style makes these important topics easy to understand whether you are tech-savvy or not. We look forward to working with Ryan again in the future and would highly recommend Ryan/his program!”

Andrea S. Okonak, M. Ed

Head of School – Penn-Mont Academy

“I first heard Ryan Klingensmith speak at a community event several years ago. As a parent and school counselor, I was very impressed by his knowledge and dedication to educating parents about social media. Technology moves at such a quick pace that most adults usually are not as savvy with the new social media trends. Ryan gives not only real-life examples, but also preventative advice and suggestions to help parents and caregivers guide their children throughout this process of learning. Our school district was fortunate to have him speak at our Open House this year. I have also heard Ryan speak at PSCA Conferences and always find his presentations to be informative!”

Deanna Othites

School Counselor – Shenango Junior/Senior High School

“Shape the Sky has been so amazing to work with. I have had the pleasure to work with Ryan for the last 4 years on many projects. The information he has been able to provide to our clients, employees and the community is always an eye opener to those that work with children and young adults. His information is always updated. Just when I feel like I know it all about current technology trends, Shape the Sky comes out with new material to watch for. It has been a huge help both professionally and personally.” M

Michel M. Keller

Vice President of Education and Workforce Development- Private Industry Council

“Ryan’s program was informative and up to date. His presentation style makes the materiel easy to understand, even for those of us who are not exactly tech-savvy. This is important information to have for anyone working with youth and for parents. Knowing how your kids are using technology will help parents and caregivers keep kids safer.”

Brian Bornman, Esq.

Executive Director-PA Children and Youth Administrators

“The Shape the Sky presentation was an important way for our staff to raise their awareness about profound issues affecting our students.  Ryan Klingensmith’s presentation style blended research-based content with relevant anecdotes in a way that made the information accessible for all.  Adolescent development continues to require the committed support of engaged and informed adults — toward that end, Shape the Sky brings the needs of today’s young people to the forefront.”

Dr. Timothy M. Wagner

Associate Principal for Program Planning & Innovation of Upper St. Clair High School

“Ryan Klingensmith does an incredible job of presenting ways for adults to help create responsible kids on social media. His presentation format is so unique that it captivates his audience! In fact, we have invited him twice to our school district for parent presentations.”

Autumn Barry-Kyle

Altoona Area Junior High Teacher & Parent

“I am beyond grateful that we were able to bring Shape the Sky to our community. The information is so important and I love that it is presented in a way that promotes reasonable responses from adults. Too often, our society jumps to the extreme of wanting to ban sites, apps, or devices. Shape the Sky’s mission of teaching responsible behavior is much more realistic and practical within the culture of our youth. The two hour presentation flew by and was packed full of useful information. I highly recommend hosting this event for your community. Your community will definitely benefit from it!”

Mrs. Laura Bierbower

M.Ed., LPC, Youngsville Elementary Middle School Counselor, K-5

“Shape the Sky provided our behavioral health care providers with a fantastic training. Staff members were astounded by what they discovered regarding the online world of today’s youth.  Ryan’s training style is energetic and he uses real world examples to illustrate the key points of the presentation. Every parent, educator, mental health worker, CYS and Probation staff member and drug and alcohol treatment provider should take this course.”

Tracy Schultz, MS

Project Manager, Behavioral Health Services of Somerset and Bedford Counties, Inc. (BHSSBC)

“Ryan Klingensmith does an outstanding job of connecting very difficult, sensitive material to multiple audiences.  Both the parents and teachers of the Burrell School District are continually gaining knowledge to protect our most valuable people – our children.  Thanks Ryan!”

Dr. John Boylan

Principal of Burrell High School