Shape the Sky Youth Spotlights

Youth Spotlights

Shape The Sky loves highlighting youth creativity. Take a look at some amazingly talented, skilled and hard working youth.

Hannah Duckett 2020

Meet Our Youth in the Spotlight

Art, music, dance and literature, these kids do it all!

At Shape the Sky, we highlight youth and their love of all things creative. These children, tweens, and teens are headed for some amazing things. 

Youth Spotlights

Meet The Talented

Kiski Area Winterguard

This year the Kiski area winterguard took home the world gold medal for their performance.

Aubrey Burchell

Update on Aubrey!!! Shape The Sky initially highlighted an amazing youth in 2019, Aubrey Burchell. Here is the latest news on Aubrey….She is killing it on America’s Got Talent!

Hannah Duckett

Amazing art- Amazing human

Maddie Kopecki

Maddie wrote her first novel, Nowhereland, before graduating high school.