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Our resources provide a wealth of information for understanding social media and the internet trends shaping our youth.

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Before the internet and social media, mistakes could stay in the past. Now, our children don’t have the same option — what they record, post, and share online becomes a lasting digital record, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. Therefore, we must instill responsible social media and internet habits in our youth to keep them safe and protect their futures. 

At Shape the Sky, we develop, find and provide the resources and tools to raise emotionally healthy children in the digital age.

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Find A Therapist Near You

Shape the Sky collaborates with a select group of agencies across the nation. These agencies have received training and additional consultation from Shape the Sky, and they remain up-to-date on social media and internet trends.

Take The Pledge

Pledge to “Think Before You Post”

Join the hundreds of students that already signed the “Think Before You Post” pledge to promote healthy and safe internet and social media use. 

In 2019, middle school student Kari Ann Leventopoulos wrote a pledge to help other students better manage their time and image online. She wanted to spread the message, “Think before you post and unplug to unwind,” to encourage students to practice responsible smartphone usage and protect their future. This is a great starting point for elementary and middle school students who are just beginning to use technology.

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Kari Ann Leventopoulos

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Youth Curated Resources

Creating responsible children on the internet and social media takes more than a community of invested adults; it also takes children inspiring others to be more mindful of their relationship with technology and how it impacts their day-to-day. 

At Shape the Sky, we share youth curated resources that align with our mission to inspire other children and adults to join the conversation. The content is created by classes, students, and individuals about changing the way youth use the internet and social media.

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