Got Questions?

Do you offer virtual training sessions?

Yes, while it's best to be in-person for our trainings, all of our training sessions can also be conducted virtually.

What material is covered during training sessions?

Training topics include: 

  • Why do parents and adults need to teach kids differently in the digital age?
  • Understanding current youth digital culture
  • Resources, suggestions, and tips for adults wanting to help youth effectively in the age of social media
  • Commonly used smartphone apps and how kids and teens are using them
  • Behaviors of "the internet" where kids can easily make mistakes
  • Exposure to adult content on apps marketed to youth
  • Mental health issues and how young people use social media to express themselves
  • Drug and alcohol topics related to technology and social media
  • Prevention and intervention techniques with youth, technology, and social media
  • Common mistakes youth make online 
  • How to talk to kids about technology and social media
  • How to set expectations on technology use

Are there longer versions and certifications available?

For an average parent event at a school, the presentation lasts about 90 minutes. For professionals such as therapists, counselors, teachers, or law enforcement groups, there are 1/2 day and full day versions and certification programs available.

How much does a training session cost?

Cost will be determined based on each individual or organization and their specific request. Factors such as the location of the event, travel costs, and type of training requested also sculpt the pricing. Just send us a message and we can provide a cost.

Do you have any feedback from past training sessions?

Yes, visit our testimonials page to see what our customers are saying about the Shape the Sky training department.

Is Ryan available conferences and keynote speeches?

Absolutely! Ryan has presented at many conferences and presented as the keynote over the years. He is available for media interviews, podcast discussions and anything that will help advance the knowledge of how to empower adults to guide youth in the digital world. 

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Shape the Sky Services

At Shape the Sky, we offer a variety of training services designed for parents, childcare professionals, teachers, certified counselors, law enforcement, and more. While each service is geared toward different audiences, they all have one goal in common: to improve digital responsibility in kids and teens through safe and responsible internet use. We want to increase your social media skills today to make a difference in a child’s life every day you can.