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Sam’s Project. You Can Help Keep Kids Safe!

We need your thoughts! Are you a health care professional who works with children and adolescents in a primary care setting? How, if at all, do you perform social media surveillance? How, if at all, do you provide anticipatory guidance on the topic? Do you have ideas on methods to improve the way we care for our children and adolescents related to this topic? 

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Our Technology Rules

We can’t sit back and watch, we have to be intentional about our parenting in this world of technology.

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Sora: Creating Video From Text

As educators and caregivers, it is imperative that we guide our youth in discerning the authenticity of online content, empowering them to question and evaluate what they encounter.

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What is Replika?

Unveiling the AI Companion Trend: Exploring the Rise of Apps Like Replika and Their Impact on Youth Socialization and Relationships.

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What is the Apple Vision Pro?

Dive into the future of tech integration with Apple’s latest innovation—a glimpse at screens right on your nose. But as we marvel at this leap, let’s ponder the implications, especially for our children’s precious moments unplugged. Join us in exploring the potential and pitfalls of tomorrow’s tech landscape.

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Setting Expectations With Devices

This is an excellent way for you to set expectations as we enter 2024, providing our kids with a healthy framework for growing up in the digital age.

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“Is Likee Safe for Kids? A Security Review of the TikTok Clone”

Likee, formerly known as LIKE since 2017, has amassed an impressive 80.7 million monthly mobile users as of 2019. However, Likee comes with notable concerns that parents should be mindful of. This platform poses a significant risk for predators targeting unsuspecting youth without parental awareness. Moreover, it actively contributes to the premature sexualization of young individuals, particularly girls.

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“Goodbye Omegle: how the anonymous chatroom traumatized our teen years”

While there is cause for celebration that this major hub for such harmful activities is no longer operational, a sense of frustration persists. Numerous other platforms with similar functionalities still exist.

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“High schooler calls for AI regulations after manipulated pornographic images of her and others shared online”

Consider the scenario of being in high school and hearing that a nude image of you is circulating among students. Despite knowing you never took or sent such an image, rumors and the visual content spread throughout the school.

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