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Our Technology Rules

We can’t sit back and watch, we have to be intentional about our parenting in this world of technology.

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“100 Essential Life Skills Teens Need to Learn at Home”

Have you covered everything they need to know?

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“Lessons Learned from Ten Generative AI Misuse Cases”

“Children aren’t suspicious, and I want them to live in a world where they don’t have to be.” I really like this concept, but unfortunately, I don’t think that our kids are going to grow up in a digital world where they can take what they see at face value and live without suspicion of what scrolls past their screens.

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“Instagram plans to blur nudes DMed to teens, hoping to fight sextortion scams”

Throughout my professional engagements, I have consistently emphasized Instagram’s significant role in the early sexualization of children.

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“Teens and AI: Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend Bots”

I don’t believe that resorting to an AI girlfriend or boyfriend will aid in the development of the interpersonal social skills required to nurture a healthy dating relationship.

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“Majority of Teens Admit They Feel Happy When They Don’t Have Their Phones, New Survey Shows”

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, I believe that many teens would agree that a break from technology would allow them to feel happy and peaceful without their devices.

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“AI is Here to Stay. 4 Things Parents of Teens Should Know”

AI has its pros and cons, as with every new technology; there will be the good, the bad, and the ugly. We must stay abreast of what is here now with AI and what is coming.

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Sora: Creating Video From Text

As educators and caregivers, it is imperative that we guide our youth in discerning the authenticity of online content, empowering them to question and evaluate what they encounter.

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What is Replika?

Unveiling the AI Companion Trend: Exploring the Rise of Apps Like Replika and Their Impact on Youth Socialization and Relationships.

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