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“Instagram Testing Age Verification Technology”

Instagram struggles with adult-themed content just like TikTok. Instagrams current app rating is 12+, and in my eyes should be bumped (along with TikTok) to 17+.

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“TikTok in China versus the United States”

We’ve heard about TikTok’s data mining and concerns about cybersecurity over the past few years, but what’s more recent is the difference in content that users view based upon their location.

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“Tumblr Will Once Again Allow Nudity, But Not Porn”

Recently Tumblr changed it’s policy on nudity. I’m not sure how this will evolve, but it could easily become an interest of youth again as it was in 2018 as an easy access (and free) site/platform to find sexual content.

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How can we raise media literate kids? 

I highly encourage reading this and becoming familiar with (digital) media literacy. We have to teach our kids to be critical thinkers!!

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“Sexual Predators Are Grooming Young Teens On Wattpad, A Storytelling App Beloved By Gen Z”

Read about the struggles Wattpad has with predators online and the overall failing of the platform to remove those stalking youth who use this site.

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What is

Much like YikYak and Sendit, has an anonymous component to it.

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Digital Domestic Abuse

I put together some of the resources I use to educate youth about unhealthy relationships and how to identify them and what to do.

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Talking to Kids About Terrorism

I was not a parent on 9/11, but years later I am. I now have children and they will have questions about 9/11. You may be in a similar situation in your home, classroom or therapy office.

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