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“Why Heathrow’s CEO Believes TikTok Is To Blame For Passenger Assistance Troubles”

“If you go on TikTok, you’ll see that that is one of the travel hacks that people are recommending. Please don’t do that.”

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“Child Grooming and the Metaverse – Issues and Solutions”

What’s being done to protect kids in the Metaverse from online predators?

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“The Lifeline and 988”

The previous National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number (1-800-273-8255) is being simplified to 988.

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“Parents sue TikTok after 7 kids die from profitable Blackout Challenge videos”

TikTok has an intelligent algorithm built into it that sends videos to your For You page that are based upon what videos you watch till the end. Curious kids will watch “challenge” videos to the end. Then they will be fed more of the same. 

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“Meta Failed To Protect Instagram’s Child Models From Pedophiles”

I was meeting with Giovanna, my previous intern at Shape, and she shared with me a TikTok video of a woman discussing “parent ran Instagram accounts” for children as young as four. Then I stumbled upon an article from Forbes where they exposed over a dozen Instagram accounts with over half a million followers sexualizing child and teenage models. 

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“FBI Pittsburgh warns about recent surge in sexual extortion cases targeting teen boys”

Teen boys are high on the target list and money is the goal of the criminal.

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10 Years of “Creating Responsible Kids on Smartphones”

10 Years of “Creating Responsible Kids on Smartphones”. What a great decade of educating others about social media and technology!!

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“Michigan Teen Latest Casualty of Sextortion”

Do you know what sextortion is? How could it impact your child?

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