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Our Technology Rules

We can’t sit back and watch, we have to be intentional about our parenting in this world of technology.

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“Artificial intelligence is watching China’s students but how well can it really see?”

“According to a video posted on the platform Douyin last year, cameras in the school’s classrooms can pick up seven emotions in the students – neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, angry, scared and surprised.”

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“Sextortion: It’s More Common Than You Think”

It starts innocently enough: a teen boy and girl meet online playing a video game.

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“CDC data shows U.S. teen girls ‘in crisis’ with unprecedented rise in suicidal behavior”

“The pandemic took a harsh toll on U.S. teen girls’ mental health, with almost 60 percent reporting feelings of persistent sadness or hopelessness…”

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Artificial Intelligence Humans

This website will produce images of people that were created with AI.

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Kids are going to latch onto this technology immediately

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“Hardcore porn keeps showing up on Spotify even though it’s not allowed”

You have done your best to protect your kids from adult content, but there always seems to be somewhere you missed.

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Two-Part Technology Contract

For holidays and birthdays, many youth will be using new technology. Set the expectations from day-one.

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