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Our Technology Rules

We can’t sit back and watch, we have to be intentional about our parenting in this world of technology.

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“Take it Down: A New Tool to Combat the Unauthorized Sharing of Explicit Images of Minors”

This technology has the potential for significant positive contributions, particularly in safeguarding our youth from mistakes and digital harm.

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The Saturn App

Gaining quick popularity with the 2023-2024 school year is the Saturn app. Here’s what you need to know.

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“Vapes disguised as school supplies worry authorities and prompt warnings as items pour into US from China”

A seemingly innocuous “highlighter” found in a young person’s room or backpack could easily evade suspicion from any parent.

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A Great White shark washes up at the Outer Banks!!

While scrolling through social media recently, I came across a post depicting a Great White shark washed up on the beach at OBX.

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“The Age-by-Age Guide to Making this the Smoothest Back-to-School Transition Yet”

In our family, each new grade has ushered in excitement, challenges, and fresh experiences for both the children and us as parents

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Ryan’s Origin Story (Podcast)

In this episode, Ryan talks about the value of believing in oneself, the importance of confidence, curating your time, and being there for anybody who wants to be saved.

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“Twitter has officially changed its logo to ‘X’”

Recently, there was a new development, and I’m curious to see how this goes. The company will be changing its name and logo to “X.”

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Youth Voice: Advice for Parents About the VSCO App

I believe that if you are thinking about introducing your child to the social media world, VSCO is a great way to start with just a little monitoring. – Sadie (HS student)

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