“A Teen’s View of Social Media in 2023”

As adults, we often assume that we know more about technology than our kids do. However, when it comes to social media, teens are the experts. That’s why I love hearing about kid life from kids, especially when they are telling me about their experiences with social media. Their insights are invaluable and can be great learning platforms for us.

One great resource from the Cyberbullying Research Center is a blog by Amelia. In her blog, she shares her experiences with various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Language Apps, WhatsApp, Twitch, Amino, Snapchat, Discord, and TikTok. Reading her blog can give us a better understanding of how these platforms work and how our kids use them.

In fact, I believe that we should learn more about social media than our kids learn from us. Our kids are the early adopters of any new technology, and they are often quick to pick up on new features and trends. By staying informed and up-to-date on social media trends and best practices, we can be better equipped to guide our kids through the ever-evolving digital landscape.

So, if you’re a parent or caregiver, take some time to read Amelia’s blog and other resources like it. Talk to your kids about their social media experiences and ask them to teach you about the platforms they use. By doing so, you can not only learn more about the technology but also strengthen your relationship with your kids.   ~Ryan