App Guide


Name: Confide

Owned By: Confide, Inc

Category: Business

Operating System: IOS, Android 

Available for download: Yes

Desktop version: No

Approximate release date: 2013

Age Rating*: Rated 4+

Brief Description*: Confide is your confidential messenger. With end-to-end encrypted, self-destructing, and screenshot-proof messages, Confide gives you the comfort of knowing that your private communication will now truly stay that way.

*Information from the App Store

  • Access to camera (device camera)

    Users can send encrypted messages, anonymous chats, and anonymous text messages with Confide. There is no photo or video feature.

  • Access to location (on the device)

    Confide doesn’t have access to your location.

  • Disappearing Messages

    When messages are read, they disappear forever.

  • Distorted text messages

    Users are able to hide and distort text messages so no one can read the message over their shoulder. Users can read text messages line by line using their fingers.

  • Screenshot prevention

    To ensure messages are not saved by other users, screenshots are disabled.

  • Incognito mode

    Confide offers an incognito mode so users can chat and text without being seen by everyone.

  • Retract messages

    Users can unsend a message as long as it has not been read.

  • Connect with strangers (ability to)

    Users can connect with other users individually or in groups.

  • Cyberbullying opportunities

    Similar to other social networking apps, cyberbullying is plausible.

  • Business accounts

    Confide is not for businesses.

  • Ability to send inappropriate images

    All inappropriate images disappear once they are read.

  • Collects user’s information

    Confide may collect data linked to your identity including contact information and user content. They also collect data that may not be linked to your identity including purchases, identifiers, usage data, and diagnostics.

Confide lets you send messages that the receiving individual can only read once. Once the message is read, it will “self-destruct.”  It prevents screenshotting by blanking the messages until they are being read and blocks screen recording and mirroring. Once a message has been seen, it is no longer recoverable. This makes it an excellent app for youth to hide messages from their parents/caregivers. 

While this app doesn’t have immediate concerns for grooming, mental health, drugs, etc, I would be a curious parent if my child had this app. I would want to know why they were using it and what they wanted to hide from me. Confide is not the only app out there that privatizes messages. Keep an eye out for these types of apps.  I would not recommend Confide for use with anyone under 18  as you will have difficulty being able to oversee behaviors and monitor activities.

My #1 recommendation is to not allow your child to use this app.