App Guide


Name: CoverMe

Owned By: CoverMe, Inc.

Category: Social Networking

Operating System: IOS, Android

Available for download: Yes

Desktop version: No

Approximate release date: 2013

Age Rating*: Rated 4+

Brief Description*: Private texts & calls without records on the phone bill! Add a burner phone number to safeguard your primary number. Send self-destructing messages. Hide secret text messages and private files from prying eyes.

*Information from the App Store

  • Access to camera (device camera)

    Users have the ability to hide private photos and videos in a private vault.

  • Encrypted messaging

    All calls and text messages are highly protected.

  • Disappearing Messages

    Users can select if they want their message to delete after 5 minutes or once on read.

  • Hide Messages

    When users shake their device, it will hide messages with the lock and login screen.

  • Connect with strangers (ability to)

    Users can connect with other users individually or in groups.

  • Cyberbullying opportunities

    Similar to other social networking apps, cyberbullying is plausible.

  • Business accounts

    CoverMe is not for businesses.

  • Ability to send inappropriate images

    Users can send inappropriate images or videos. They can also store it in a private vault.

  • Collects user’s information

    Confide does collect data, such as usage content, usage data, identifiers, and diagnostics, but it is not linked to your identity.

Reviewed By: Ryan

CoverMe is reportedly one of the top five private messaging and calling apps. This app boasts private texting, private calling, private messaging, a private second phone line, a private vault, and a disguise-the-app-icon feature to look like something else. You may want to learn how to find hidden apps on an iPhone or Android just to make sure your kids aren’t using CoverMe. Be aware that there are other apps like CoverMe as well. I wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone under 18 years old. This app is an easy way for youth to hide their activities from parents/caregivers. 

 My #1 recommendation is to not allow youth to use this app.