Reviewed by Ryan: The Gas app is taking off in schools across the county. It’s another anonymous app that allows kids in school to “Find Your Crush” and “See Who Likes You”.

When I heard about the app a week ago, I logged in to see if anyone was using it at a local school. Nobody was. A week later, 390 students were logged in.

Basically here is how it works:

  • “The app uses location data to let users choose their high school
  • Users are served multiple choice questions about fellow students with superlative-style answers (e.g., “the most beautiful person you have ever met”)
  • Users are anonymous by default, but an upgraded version lets them see who said what about them”

The Gas app is brought to us by the same individual who created TBH, another anonymous app that was shut down in 2018. In August of 2018, Buzzfeed News acquired a confidential memo in which the (TBH) app’s founders explained how they used Instagram to target teenagers at specific schools, playing to their curiosity and timing their messages to take advantage of the end of the school day.” I suspect the same tactics would be used on the Gas app.

Here is a review that is more in-depth if you are interested in reading about the app. I wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone under 17. Like anything that’s anonymous, this app will stir the curiosities of youth and lead them to hours of trying to find out “who likes who” and never gather any quality information.