App review: “Lure”

A parent emailed me asking if I thought the Lure app was appropriate for his 12 year old child. I did my research. Lure is a “Chat Fiction” app that allows the reader to follow a story told as if you were watching someone’s text message log. The stories are broken into four categories: romance, horror, comedy, and mystery.

As soon as I opened it, I found sexualized content, a story of a professor “hooking up with a student.” I also saw a story titled “Naughty Principal” which had 393,000 views. The blurb for this story was “when high school teacher, Paul, confiscates a student’s phone, he discovers many pictures of the student with a woman.” The woman turns out to be the assistant principal.

I wanted to provide some information on this app and others like it. Check out the new App Resource guide for Lure. This app is not appropriate for a 12 year old. Please share.

~ Ryan

Lure App Guide