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Gabe Rongier

Seeing a Snapchat Red-Flag: Gabe Rongier

Ryan has been discussing the positives of social media since he started talking in public about youth and technology. Mental health red-flags online are sometimes easier to see than offline. If a young person sees someone struggling through social media or text messages, and they let an adult know, they open a new link to getting help. There are more eyes on the ball, so to speak, around individuals struggling with mental health issues when they post their struggles online. This can lead others to reach out to them just as Gabe Rongier did.

Ryan has discussed Gabe’s story at my trainings. In May 2019, after discussing his story at a training, a parent in the audience raised her hand and said, “That’s my son.” She and Ryan had a very nice conversation afterwards and she was more than happy to have Ryan share Gabe’s story as a role model for doing the right thing. Check out his story below.

Way to go, Gabe!