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Rebecca Havko

A Future Writer: Rebecca Havko

If you read any of the blog posts on this website and they are grammatically correct, it’s because Rebecca Havko edited the content. I’ve known Rebecca since she was twelve. As she grew older and her love of English became apparent, it was clear that she would some day be a great writer. I’ve read many of her short stories, and she has an amazing talent for fiction. I also discovered she knows her grammar much better than I ever did. With the blessing of her mother, a teacher, Rebecca consulted with Shape The Sky in the form of making my horrible grammar digestible. If there are errors in this paragraph, it’s because she has not edited it yet. If this blurb is well written, she has. Shape’s mission is to create responsible kids on smartphones. During this mission, if there is any way to onboard youth perspective and talent, I will do so. Rebecca is a great consultant to the Shape The Sky organization and well appreciated. I look forward to following Rebecca’s college journey and her career as a writer beyond college. ~Ryan

Bio: Hi there! My name is Becca Havko, and I’m a freshman at Seton Hill University. I’m studying English on the Creative Writing track with the hopes of becoming an author. I started reading in kindergarten and writing in second grade, and I’ve loved it ever since. My favorite part of writing is playing with words, and for that reason I love jokes. So I’ll leave you with a short little joke. What’s E.T. short for? Because he’s got little legs!