Evolution of Technology

When smartphones were first introduced, they were marketed to adults as a revolutionary change in the concept of a phone. Check out the first iPhone commercial for a reminder of how it was marketed.

With rapidly evolving cell phone technology, smartphones are almost becoming disposable. It’s easy for smartphones to get handed down to our youth. In our house, there are probably four old iPhones that are still functional. It would be easy for us to give them to our kiddos.

Over the past ten years, I’ve observed younger and younger kids using smart technology. If they aren’t being exposed to it at home, some schools have started using smart devices as a learning tool. In 2012, my target audience was parents and professionals with highschool aged youth. In 2019, I’m speaking to elementary aged parents and professionals about kids, technology, social media, and mental health.

The more we know as parents, teachers, law enforcement, counselors, and community members, the greater ability we have to teach our youth to be Responsible Kids on Smartphones. Check out the updated training page for more information about what trainings are available from Shape The Sky. Together, we can help raise digitally responsible youth.


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