Hiding Pictures on a Device – Part Two: Calculator% App

In June 2015,  I wrote about apps that allow you “hide” or “lock” your picture on a device which limits access to others. Click here to read. This type of app and behavior has recently been in the spotlight again due to an Alabama prosecutor’s viral video telling parents that the calculator app on their child’s device may not be as it seems. I’m posting the link to the prosecutor’s video for a purpose of reinforcing my narrative that we, as adults, have to be aware and up to date with trends with youth and technology.

This link will also show you what the app’s icon looks like. This type of app does not surprise me and it’s not the first nor the last that will serve this function. Hiding pictures from parents is not a new behavior, it’s simply changed how it occurs. A decade ago you may have stumbled upon an adult magazine hidden under the mattress. The behavior was much less technical and easier to discover before the gadgets. Adults need to grow with the technology so we can educate our children to become responsible digital citizens.

For the Alabama prosecutor’s video, click here.