“IQ scores in the US have DROPPED for first time in nearly 100 years, study suggests”

It is arguable that technology has both positive and negative effects on our youth’s intellectual growth. On the one hand, it provides easy access to vast amounts of information, which could increase their learning opportunities and improve their intelligence. On the other hand, it may hinder their verbal reasoning and problem-solving skills, as some tend to prioritize the answer over the process of arriving at it.

In fact, a senior I recently spoke with shared his observation that today’s children lack interest in the problem-solving process, as they only care about the answer. His words are thought-provoking, considering that problem-solving is a fundamental skill that helps one learn and grow.

Various studies, including online IQ tests, have shown a decline in skills like verbal reasoning, visual problem-solving, and numerical series tests. One possible explanation is the prevalence of technology, which may be reducing our attention spans and ability to analyze concepts in-depth. Instead, we tend to rely on virtual assistants like Siri to provide quick answers.

To counter this trend, it is crucial to engage children and students in activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and concept analysis without the use of electronics. By doing so, we can help boost their IQ scores and encourage them to value the problem-solving process..   ~Ryan