“Is Likee Safe for Kids? A Security Review of the TikTok Clone”

When a trend gains popularity, various imitators emerge in an attempt to capitalize on its success. TikTok, a widely popular platform among the youth, has inspired other apps to emulate its appeal. Instagram Reels, created by Meta, is one such example, seeking to replicate the look and feel of TikTok. To truly discern the distinctions between Reels and TikTok, one must delve into their features.

Several apps like Clapper, Clash, Firework, Triller, YouTube Shorts, and Likee have entered the scene, aiming to cater to the market of users unable to access TikTok. Notably, Likee, formerly known as LIKE since 2017, has amassed an impressive 80.7 million monthly mobile users as of 2019.

However, Likee comes with notable concerns that parents should be mindful of. The absence of age verification, automatic public visibility of all profiles, automatic sharing of location, an abundance of graphic sexualized content, ease of contact by strangers, and ineffective parent controls are some of the app’s problematic aspects. In certain respects, Likee appears to be even more concerning than TikTok.

This platform poses a significant risk for predators targeting unsuspecting youth without parental awareness. Moreover, it actively contributes to the premature sexualization of young individuals, particularly girls. The content created by college-aged girls on Likee tends to be highly sexualized, influencing a trickle-down effect where younger girls emulate this behavior at an early age.

Parents are strongly advised to exercise caution and awareness regarding this app and others with similar characteristics. Evaluating the appropriateness of an app for your family values involves creating an account, engaging in some exploration, and searching keywords that may be of interest to the average curious teenage boy or girl. This firsthand experience will enable you to make informed decisions about whether the app aligns with your child’s safety and well-being.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with any apps your child(ren) may want to use.