Let’s Teach Kids to Lift Each Other Up

I see the damage every day caused by youth being mean to each other intentionally and inadvertently. Bullying, mean words, purposeful exclusion and making fun of others are a daily struggle, particularly in middle school.  We need to be strong role models and teach our kids, empathy,  how to be kind to each other and enjoy in the kindness that comes their way.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. “How would you feel if he/she did that to you” is a a very familiar question in our house when parenting our kids. Kids are navigating some very complex social and emotional situations in middle school. They may roll their eyes at us, but deep down, they need our guidance to help manage social and emotional situations both in person and online. Check out this parents thoughts on How I Taught My Teen Daughter the Importance of Lifting Other Girls Up.