Roblox: The children’s game with a sex problem

If you have a child that plays Roblox, you should read this article about the “condos” that pop up on the platform. See the picture below for what a “condo” is.  It’s not what you want your child to stumble into. The article has more about what the platform is doing to control these “Roblox sex games” that you should be aware of. I have two main concerns about these “condos”.  1- Kids are being exposed to sexualized content on a game designed for young children. 2- Adults and kids in the same virtual play zone. This is not a good mix folks.

We need to do everything we can to protect the innocence of our kids. It starts at home with our “digital parenting”. 

If you want to learn more about how to use Roblox, read this article from Connect Safely to help guide you.