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The World We Grew Up In No Longer Exists


The goal of this funny and visually engaging keynote presentation is to provide you with the motivation for change that you need to become a digital leader for our youth. 


Do you remember when the phone was attached to the wall and had a leash?  We cannot raise our children the way our parents raised us. That world no longer exists. 

Kids today are immersed in tweets, snaps, likes, shares, clicks, swipes and endless filtered selfies. They watch other people play Minecraft and Madden on YouTube, duck-lip face-swap with their bestie on Snapchat and post their unboxing video on Instagram of the highly anticipated Squishmallow release.

But with the good can come the bad. Technology can also expose youth to a digital world that can be graphic, cruel, misunderstood, concerning and emotionally damaging for adolescent development. 

But there is GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

We adults - yes that's us - must be the superhero for change when it comes to leading our children through the digital rollercoaster we all live in. Join Ryan in putting on your superhero uniform through this keynote and start your extraordinary life as a catalyst for change in a world where "that app does what?" and "why would you want my phone to do that?" can often be heard echoing from the mouths of adults.

Note: this training doesn’t fulfill NBCC Credit Hours.

Learning Goals

  • Participants will learn about apps they didn't know existed (now why in the world would someone make an app that does that?)
  • Participants will be motivated to engage in the digital world with their youth or students (but I don't wanna)
  • Participants will learn where to find the best resources to continue their learning journey (Ok, what do I do after the keynote funny guy?)
  • Participants may be inspired to download Snapchat and take a filtered selfie before the end of the presentation (look at my bunny ears!)
  • Participants may be able to use hashtags by the end of the presentation (this one is not guaranteed)
  • Participants are encouraged not to ground their own children as a result of what they learned during the keynote (this one is also not guaranteed)

Learning Topics

  • How being an adult has changed as a result of the smartphone (it's all Steve Job's fault)
  • Understanding current youth culture (kids are weird these days)
  • Cyberbullying (I'm glad this stuff didn't exist when I was a kid)
  • Common mistakes made online (good thing I'm perfect)
  • Sharing private information & identity theft (I've had my identity since 1978, nobody is taking it from me now!)
  • Mental health concerns shared online (would my child know what to do if they saw this?)
  • Untraceable texting (those darn children always find a way)
  • How to start the conversation (you mean I have to talk to them about technology?)
  • Prevention steps (is that the same as eating healthy?)
  • Using a Technology Contract (this sounds technical, I hope there is no coding involved)
  • Taking a social media pledge (this sounds easier than the last one)
  • How to set expectations (but do I have to??? they might argue)
  • When to monitor a device (freebie for the day: ALWAYS)
  • Access to online resources (basically Ryan's website)
  • Creating a digitally responsible youth (This is the goal, you can do it, I believe in you)

Learn More About Ryan & Shape The Sky

Shape the Sky’s Founder, Ryan Klingensmith, has a sarcastic sense of humor that fits well with your average teenager. He enjoys bad puns, witty memes, high quality zombie movies and low quality horror movies from the 1950's. His kids think he's hilarious sometimes and his wife puts up with his shenanigan's, tomfoolery and horseplay with the family dog Rex.

He is a parent and licensed counselor who works regularly with K-12 kids. Through his work, he gains first-hand experience of how social media can impact kids’ and teenagers’ mental health. His expertise and experience allow Shape the Sky to provide relevant, reliable information. 

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