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NBCC Credit Hours Training

Working With Youth In A Digital World: Youth, Technology, Social Media, And Mental Health (Virtual or In-Person)

Credit Hours

Credit hours satisfy requirements for LSW/LCSW, LPC and LMFTA. In order to receive credit, participants must be present for the entire session, complete an electronic signature and complete an evaluation survey. Confirmation of attendance is reviewed by Shape The Sky, LLC,  who will issue the NBCC credit hour certificate.


We offer 6 NBCC Credit Hours Training to educate counselors and social workers about social media and creating responsible children on smartphones and the internet. The NBCC Credit Hours Training is $180 per person. 

For virtual trainings, attendees must register online, and they will receive a Zoom meeting link once registration and the payment is complete. Post-training, participants will receive an electronic survey and electronic signature form to verify attendance. 

For in-person trainings, registration will occur online and the survey and attendance verification will be done on-site.


Life for a teenager is vastly different than it was ten years ago. Teens, tweens, and children today have unlimited access to information, apps, and websites that can be wonderfully helpful, but also lead to concerning exposure and behaviors. Counselors need the most updated information about technology and how youth use it so they can provide up-to-date counseling in the current digital climate.

Learning Goals 

  1. Participants will be able to identify how youth explore and share information about mental health through technology and social media.
  2. Participants will learn what resources are available to use with youth and parents when discussing mental health in a digital age.
  3. Participants will learn to develop treatment plan goals and objectives related to the social media assessment indicators.
  4. Participants will identify therapy techniques to assist clients and families with developing insight into healthy and safe social media behaviors/practices.

Learning Topics

  • How counseling has changed working with digital youth
  • Why kids don’t talk to adults about technology
  • Understanding current youth digital culture
  • Accessing the Dark Web through apps and web browsers
  • Online grooming
  • Age restriction congruency with child development
  • Cyberbullying resources
  • Fake text messages
  • Deepfakes
  • Deepnudes
  • “Parasite” websites
  • Common mistakes made online
  • Sharing private information & identity theft
  • Hidden photo vaults
  • Social media and drugs
  • Self Promotion sites (Onlyfans)
  • Using apps for payment
  • Internet “challenges” and social media myths
  • Mental health concerns such as eating disorders, self-harm and suicide
  • Suicide prevention resources
  • 13 Reasons Why Netflix series
  • Digital Dating & Abuse
  • “Reels” & “Spotlight” functions of Instagram and Snapchat
  • “Dating” apps for youth
  • “Sugar Daddy” apps
  • Untraceable texting
  • “Anonymous” apps
  • How to start the conversation - How to engage in counseling
  • Prevention and intervention skills
  • Monitoring services
  • Using a Technology Contract
  • How to help parents set expectations
  • When to monitor a device
  • Finding access to the best online resources

Shape the Sky, LLC Is An Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) 

Shape the Sky, LLC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7073. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Shape the Sky, LLC is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.


Learn More About Ryan & Shape The Sky

Shape the Sky’s Founder, Ryan Klingensmith LPC, NCC,  works regularly with K-12 kids. Through his work, he gains first-hand experience of how social media can impact kids’ and teenagers’ mental health. His expertise and experience allow Shape the Sky to provide relevant, reliable information. He is also the father of a son and daughter who are growing up in a digital world. 

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