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Aubrey Burchell

An True Artist: Aubrey Burchell

Update on Aubrey!!! Shape The Sky initially highlighted an amazing youth in 2019, Aubrey Burchell. Here is the latest news on Aubrey….She is killing it on America’s Got Talent! Check it out!

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Initial Shape The Sky introduction to Aubrey from 2019.

When she was in high school, I saw Aubrey perform at a Winter Guard competition that my daughter was also participating in and was amazed at her vocal talent. She made it to Hollywood on American Idol in 2018 with Lionel Richie calling her “an artist”.   Aubrey continues to perform at a variety of events listed on her Facebook page. Currently she has six singles released and you can find them on iTunes. You will not be disappointed. She has an amazing talent. Follow your dreams Aubrey!