Unplugging Your Kids This Summer

My wife and I were recently talking about how everything in life is a balance. You take time to balance your finances, diet, work duties, family time and time with friends. Technology must have balance too.

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Let’s Teach Kids to Lift Each Other Up

I see the damage every day caused by youth being mean to each other intentionally and inadvertently. Bullying, mean words, purposeful exclusion and making fun of others are a daily struggle, particularly in middle school.

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Social Media, Mental Health and Suicide


Since 2012, I’ve been doing trainings trying to help adults understand the world of youth, technology, social media, and mental health. When I first started doing my trainings, I was targeting the parents of high school aged kiddos. Now I’m trying to get elementary parents to my trainings. As youth get technology younger and younger, they can see and misunderstand healthy and unhealthy mental health.

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PA’s Mental Health Campaign

Tom Wolf

I’m very excited to see this initiative in PA. Hopefully we will see some action towards prevention and treatment for mental health in PA. Hopefully other states will follow this lead.

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