Terror Attacks and Social Media

When the tragic events of September 11, 2001 occurred, social media didn’t exist, and you couldn’t watch the attacks repeatedly on your mobile device. If you needed a break from the tragedy, you simply turned off the TV and radio, allowing you to distance yourself. We had the power to switch off the TV and shield our children from the constant exposure to the event.

In recent days, Israel has suffered a horrific terror attack. Today, our children carry the internet in their pockets, granting them immediate access to the latest videos, news, and imagery related to this attack. Videos of the incidents can even be found on platforms like TikTok. Unlike our time, children don’t have the luxury of having adults help them comprehend these events and limit their exposure. They are inundated with 24/7 access to multiple viewpoints and various camera angles capturing the horrors as they unfold.

So, how can we have conversations with our children about such senseless events? Throughout the years, I’ve shared a guide on how to talk to young ones about the events of September 11, 2001. While the circumstances may be different, the key talking points in this guide should serve as a valuable resource for discussing these current events with your children. Encourage them to limit their exposure to distressing images on social media and equip them with the information from this article to help them feel secure under your guidance.