“What Are Ghost Trails On Snapchat+ And How Do They Work?”

Snapchat is trying to make even more money. They have recently released Snapchat+ which is a subscription upgrade to the platform. Snapchat is branding this as “a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features available in Snapchat for $3.99/month.  This subscription will allow us to deliver new Snapchat features to some of the most passionate members of our community and allow us to provide prioritized support.” -from the Snapchat official website. 

Some of the features include the ability to view Friend Solar Systems, change the Snapchat app icon (so it may not be familiar to the parental eye),

see who re-watched stories and make a particular friend a “BFF”.  

One of the features stands out when it comes to privacy concerns. It is called Ghost Trails and allows users to check their friends location history on the Snapmap for the past 24 hours. People have their concerns: 

Concerns for using this feature in abusive relationships are clear from the tweets above.

I’m not sure if youth will actually pay $3.99 a month for this. Most likely parents of middle school kids will not go for it. This may also miss the maturity of high school kids with jobs who may be willing to pay for subscription based services. We will have to see how this goes in the next year. ~Ryan