What is the Apple Vision Pro?

I’ve been keeping up with the latest in tech gadgets and sharing what’s relevant with you, the Shape The Sky audience. Apple’s newest offering has caught my attention—it’s certainly intriguing (albeit pricey). While I don’t claim to have a crystal ball, it seems like a significant leap toward integrating technology more seamlessly into our lives. Imagine, instead of staring at screens in our hands or on our desks, they could be right on our noses. Check out Tech Crunch for a detailed review on how it works and feels.

My speculation, whether it pans out or not, is that this is just the beginning of a transition away from traditional laptops and smartphones. Next up could be screens integrated into glasses so sleek you won’t distinguish them from regular eyewear. And who knows? Eventually, we might see computers and smartphones melded into contact lenses. It’s not an endorsement, just an observation of where the trend seems to be heading. But what about our children? Let’s proceed with caution. Childhood is precious—let’s allow them to relish it in the outdoors, amidst the beauty of the real world, without being tethered to devices. They are only little once. Let them have their childhood. ~ Ryan