2020 Project: Digital Safety Tips From Teens

Class: Montour High School CHS Cybersecurity and the Law class led by Michael Waldron

Our driving question for this project was whether or not children are safe and responsible enough to use social media in today’s society. The goal of “Digital Safety Tips From Teens” is to inform parents about the good and bad effects of technology. We want the parents to be aware that technology and social media are not just used to text friends and families nowadays, there is more to it. On the handout, there are opinions from our school administrators, there is a pros and cons list about the use of technology, and there are helpful resources that could possibly answer more questions parents have about this specific topic.

Student Bios

Cole: “My name is Cole Gasparovich and I am a senior at Montour High school. I will be continuing my education at Slippery Rock University with a goal of getting my masters in business administration and management. I have worked at a retirement home called The Residence at Willow Lane since April of 2018. I chose to focus on this topic because I believe that parents deserve to know ways to know how to keep their kids safe on their devices with the way the world is shifting towards technology for such young ages.”

Kayla: “I am Kayla Coffield and I am a senior at Montour High School. I plan to further my education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I will be majoring in Computer Science/Cyber Security. I am also in the Army National Guard so I also plan on entering into the ROTC program during college which will then lead me to an 8 year Active Duty contract right out of college. Until college starts, my main focus will be on graduating from my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to become an Army Chemical, BIological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist this summer.”