Youtube and Roblox Adult Content

Please read this article. I can’t confirm how much of this happens, but it can happen. Kids love Roblox and Youtube. My children are not permitted to use Roblox because they are not of age yet, at 8 and 11. They do play Minecraft, however they are not permitted to play with their friends online. This article is the reason that we do not allow them to connect with others online through the game. I’ve worked with elementary age kids that will add random people on MInecraft and Roblox. If they add people they don’t know on one of these games, they can be exposed to inappropriate content and grooming within the app. I would suggest not letting them play with others online on these games.

To try to avoid them finding a prerecorded inappropriate gaming video on Youtube, make sure to turn on the Restricted Mode. Here is a link to help you with that.

Turning on the Restricted Mode will not guarantee they won’t find this content, but hopefully it will help.

Finally, being aware that this content is all over the internet, monitoring our children and having conversations is always at the core of trying to prevent our most innocent lives from seeing this content.

~ Ryan