“Americans spend 2 and a half hours ‘dreamscrolling’ each day, new poll finds”

I’ll be real with you. I recently found out I’ve been “dreamscrolling” without even knowing it was a thing until I came across this new poll. Turns out, I’m guilty of hunting down the perfect vintage Def Leppard tour t-shirt from the 1987 Hysteria tour, searching for new doors for the Ford Bronco my son and I are restoring, and drooling over the latest gadget I want to play with (and then tell you all about in my trainings). Oh, and let’s not forget finding that perfect book on Amazon—always a win!

Apparently, all this is part of “dreamscrolling.” And guess what? According to this new poll, Americans spend 2.5 hours a day doing it! WHAT? That can’t be right… but maybe it is.

We adults might catch ourselves and get back to work or chores (including wrangling the kids), but what about the little ones? Are they dreamscrolling too? And about what? Their interests are all over the place—they haven’t circled the sun as many times as we have. What could they possibly be curious about and spend hours scrolling through?

Check out this article to learn more about adult dreamscrolling. Then, let’s shift our focus to our kids. How can we help them use technology wisely and avoid overdoing it? Plus, let’s keep an eye on what they’re scrolling through. After all, they’ve got a lot to discover, and we want to make sure it’s the right stuff!

~ Ryan