“Artificial intelligence is watching China’s students but how well can it really see?”

Recently, I have been discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in my presentations. This new technology will impact our children in many different ways. China is several steps ahead of us in the use of AI, and they are embracing its use in schools. I believe we need to examine the use of AI in Chinese schools as a cautionary example of what we do and do not want for our youth in schools in the United States. This article outlines some of the uses of AI in China. Please read it and consider how these uses would affect your child in school or your classroom, if you are a teacher.

From the article: “Almost every second of Betty Li’s school life is monitored.
The 22-year-old student at a university in northwestern China must get through face scanners to enter her dormitory and register attendance, while cameras above the blackboards in her classrooms keep an eye on the students’ attentiveness.

“According to a video posted on the platform Douyin last year, cameras in the school’s classrooms can pick up seven emotions in the students – neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, angry, scared and surprised.”

“In the southwestern province of Guizhou, Guanyu Technology supplies chip-equipped “smart uniforms” to track students’ locations, according to its website.”

AI is here and will infiltrate our culture at an amazing speed. Let’s embrace this reality and commit ourselves to understanding how it will impact our youth and how we should educate and lead our kids.

Kids are the early adopters, and they will embrace AI. Let’s protect them.  ~Ryan