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Unplugging Your Kids This Summer

My wife and I were recently talking about how everything in life is a balance. You take time to balance your finances, diet, work duties, family time and time with friends. Technology must have balance too.

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Montour’s “Big Sisters Club” Mentors Middle School Students

I was able to help lead the Big Sisters Club again this year. It was wonderful to see the youth leadership take place. One of the groups took on the challenge to teach middle school girls about using technology responsibly.

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“The Metaverse: Opportunities, Risks, and Harms”

By now you may have heard of the metaverse. But what about cyberbullying, sexual harassment, catfishing and online hate?

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Is ‘New Profile Pic’ App a Russian Malware Scam?

I’ve seen this creative new profile picture making it’s rounds on my social media. I must admit that that’s a fun way to update your profile picture. Then I started seeing posts about the app used to create it potentially being a Russian malware scam.

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Can Youth “Accidentally” Share Nudes on TikTok?

Have you seen the Rotoscope filter on TikTok? It’s a fun filter that makes your video a colorful cartoon silhouette of yourself. It’s a neat filter that is definitely fun for the youth. But some users on TikTok use this filter while taking their clothes off. 

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“The Unexpected But Genius Trick That Stopped Tech Battles With Our Teen”

Growing up is an evolution for the body and mind. Growth comes from success and struggle. Learning to walk, ride a bike and eventually drive a car come at the appropriate developmental stage for our youth. Their digital development should be the same.

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“The Phrase ‘Look at My Sound’ Is a Sexual Hint for TikTok Users In the Know”

I believe that the misconception about TikTok is that it’s just an app where people dance and share funny or fun videos. While this is true, there is a dark underbelly of sexualized content on TikTok.

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Let’s Teach Kids to Lift Each Other Up

I see the damage every day caused by youth being mean to each other intentionally and inadvertently. Bullying, mean words, purposeful exclusion and making fun of others are a daily struggle, particularly in middle school.

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