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“Should Parents Take Away Cell Phones? 4 Things to Consider”

When parenting your children (or students in your school), are your consequences;  1-relevant (to the infraction), 2-realistic (“you’re grounded until you’re 30!),  3- respectful (treat them like you would like to be treated in the same situation)

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A Fresh Look To Celebrate 10 Years of Trainings

Celebrating 10 years of trainings!

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“Vicarious Supervision: Preventing Problematic Behaviors Online through Positive Parent-Child Relationships”

Sometimes after one of my presentations I have parent tell me that “their kids are never getting anything (digital)” until they turn 18. I encourage them to think about their child’s digital life as a evolution from when they enter school till they graduate and are on their own. Let’s face it, this is a digital world and that’s not going to change. Is this realistic?

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Roblox: The children’s game with a sex problem

If you have a child that plays Roblox, you should read this article about the “condos” that pop up on the platform.

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Dressember 2020: Fighting Modern Slavery

The internet and technology that we have access to today has made it easier for children to be bought and sold online. The websites that are used are common sites that you and I use every day. This problem is in my town and your town.

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What Parents Need to Know about TikTok and the Movie Megan is Missing

#meganismissing is trending on TikTok. What is all of this hype and what do you need to know about the movie? I decided to watch it and give you a few observations so you can decide if it’s for you. This movie is NOT FOR KIDS. Here is why.

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Observations About Cuties from Netflix

If you haven’t watched Cuties, you may be really lost in the conflicting headlines. I decided to watch it and give you a few observations so you can decide if it’s for you. Here are a few points that stuck out to me:

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Understanding Empathy

I’ve seen this video several times…and I’ll continue to watch it to keep my mind fresh when talking with struggling youth. It’s a very powerful 3 minute reminder on human connection.

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