Healthy (Digital) Relationships

Our kids learn from our example. We must teach them about healthy relationships in-person by showing them what a healthy relationship looks like. The linked article is an inspirational read about teaching your daughter what healthy love looks like through role-modeling.

However, different from how many of us grew up, our kids are experiencing “digital dating.” It’s just as important to teach our kiddos what healthy “digital dating” looks like as well.

We have to help them be responsible in what they are sending to their partner and also what they are asking of their partner. For example, we passionately teach our kids not to send nude images of themselves, but are we teaching them not to request nude images from their partner in an equally strong voice?

Be sure to visit our Healthy Relationship Resource page and use the resources listed to teach about healthy relationships in-person and also through digital dating. You can outline healthy expectations for digital dating by using the Technology Contract on our website as well. Let’s prepare our kiddos for healthy relationships emotionally, physically and digitally.

~ Ryan