Two-Part Technology Contract

“The more work we do on the prevention side, the fewer problems we will have on the intervention side” ~ Ryan Klingensmith

For holidays and birthdays, many youth will be using new technology. Set the expectations from day-one. Here is a free contract you can download and use.

The technology contract is divided into two parts: “The Conversation” and “The Terms For Technology.” “The Conversation” section guides you through how to start the conversation. In particular, it focuses on how introducing technology to our youth impacts developmental psychology. 

“The Terms for Technology” section consists of a list of expectations related to the device. It outlines what you expect from your children, what will happen if the rules aren’t followed, and what to do if your child needs help due to what they see online. Note: this section is not a concrete list; it’s a detailed guide. Feel free to edit and adjust it based on your family’s expectations.