New Resources!

With a mental health counseling background, my goal is to provide the resources needed to raise emotionally healthy youth in the digital age. Something I hear often when training adults is, “I’m so glad I grew up before the internet.” Even though we didn’t have the internet, we were young and full of mistakes. Most likely, our mistakes stayed in the past. Our children do not have the option to have their mistakes hidden by faded memories. What they record, post, and share is a lasting digital record of fun times, success, struggles, and mistakes.

Part of Shape The Sky’s responsibility is to provide parents, educators, law enforcement, and other influences in a young person’s life with the tools needed in the digital generation. I’ve spent the summer finding and vetting the best resources, guides, how-tos, and articles to help guide you in your digital “adulting.”

The resources on this page were prepared for the digital parent in order to give them the tools they need to “get it right.” Many of these resources will help combine old world challenges, like bullying, with a digital world twist, cyberbullying. Please use these resources to help guide you in the unique world that our children are growing up in: the digital world.

The resources include:

  • A Technology Contract
  • Legal Resources
  • Cyberbullying Resources
  • Healthy Relationships (and digital relationships)
  • Hashtag Resources
  • Internet Challenges, Hoaxes & Urban Legends Resource
  • Suicide Prevention Resources

~ Ryan