“Parents sue TikTok after 7 kids die from profitable Blackout Challenge videos”

“Parents say TikTok failed to act after the first reported death.” 

The Blackout Challenge isn’t a new phenomenon. I remember this from when I was in middle school. But I learned about it from other kids, not from viral videos on social media. I’ve provided information in the past on on the website about the Blackout Challenge, also known as the Chocking Game. 

A point I found significant from the article: “Rather than blame creators of harmful videos or come after TikTok for publishing videos, the lawsuit instead seeks damages from TikTok for its product design, which directs kids to videos.

TikTok has an intelligent algorithm built into it that sends videos to your For You page that are based upon what videos you watch till the end. Curious kids will watch “challenge” videos to the end. Then they will be fed more of the same. 

TikTok has since scrubbed any Backout Challenge videos from the platform. This is also noted in the lawsuit stating that since they are removed from the platform, that TikTok has the ability to remove them and didn’t after the first unfortunate death. 

Please read this article and then have a conversation with your child or the children you work with and let them know not to engage in any “internet challenges”. Here are some other challenges you should be aware of.