“Should Parents Take Away Cell Phones? 4 Things to Consider”

When parenting your children (or students in your school), are your consequences;  1-relevant (to the infraction), 2-realistic (“you’re grounded until you’re 30!),  3- respectful (treat them like you would like to be treated in the same situation)

When working with teens years ago I learned that “the punishment should fit the crime”.  There is much better acceptance of consequences when the consequence makes logical sense. Think about your life. If you came in 2 hours late to work one day and your boss had a talk with you, would it make sense that your boss’s punishment was to take your phone? A more reasonable consequence would be losing 2 hours of pay. That is a relevant, realistic and respectful consequence. 

It’s easy to go directly to what works with kids….technology. But is that always the best option? This article has 4 great things to consider when issuing consequences to children.