Social Media, Mental Health and Suicide

Since 2012, I’ve been doing trainings trying to help adults understand the world of youth, technology, social media, and mental health. When I first started doing my trainings, I was targeting the parents of high school aged kiddos. Now I’m trying to get elementary parents to my trainings. As youth get technology younger and younger, they can see and misunderstand healthy and unhealthy mental health.

Below is an excellent article highlighting some of the messaging I’ve been talking about over the years. We need to talk to our kids about mental health and what to do when they are struggling or if they see someone online struggling.

Use the Technology Contract on the Shape The Sky website to help you have a discussing about technology and mental health.  Read Gabe’s story on the Youth Spotlight page of the Shape The Sky website to learn how one young man saved the life of friend on Snapchat half way across the country by doing the right thing!

~ Ryan