Tinder & Setting Expectations

I regularly talk to kids about apps. Over the past year, I’m starting to hear about Tinder with the senior aged kids. Part of my work is teaching them to recognize red flag behaviors, indicators for grooming and not going to meet people in person that they meet on Tinder (or other sites such as Craigslist).

I know what Tinder is and how it works. As with all apps I discuss, I get on it from time to time to see if there are any new updates or behaviors I need to teach to parents. But not all parents or educators know what it is and how it works to give kids this knowledge. If your child is taught how to be responsible in life and online, then they will be more skilled to handle inappropriate behaviors directed towards them, no matter what site/app they are on.

This is not  giving permission for anyone under 18 to use Tinder. This information is to encourage you to learn apps, trends and behaviors with technology so that you can teach those around you responsible behavior, no matter the app.

~ Ryan