Unplugging Your Kids This Summer

My wife and I were recently talking about how everything in life is a balance. You take time to balance your finances, diet, work duties, family time and time with friends. Technology must have balance too. For yourself and your kiddos. My children have developed a very natural balance between technology use and real-life activities based upon the rules we have in place. Our son recently got a new game for his Nintendo Switch. Our usual rule for the video game is that the kids can play it for 20 minutes a day after schoolwork and chores are done. When he got the new game, we let him play over the 20 minute limit as it was a new game and he was very excited about it. Once the newness wore off, his time with the game decreased and he hasn’t touched his Switch for many days now. Sure the balance was a little over the limit when he got the new game, but the balance has shifted now to him being back to playing outside with his friends. With summer coming, start planning how you will balance your time and how your kids will balance their time with technology. I found a great article to help with suggestions.