Reviewed by Ryan: Much like YikYak and Sendit, Askfm has an anonymous component to it allowing for ease of cyberbullying, sexually explicit content and exposure to other content not appropriate for youth.

Youth can create an account and have an option to keep it pretty basic or add more personal information including pictures. Profiles are public and anyone can ask anonymous questions. Users can search for friends they know and also scroll through others they may want to fallow and ask questions. However uses will not know who is following them and most likely the true identity of those asking questions of them. The ease for inappropriate questions, comment, sexualized themes and bullying are all present.

There is a $5.99 perm month in-app purchases “upgrade” that allows for:

  • Chat privately
  • Get 1000 coins each week
  • Upgraded profile
  • Removes ads
  • Create secrets
  • and more

The app will prompt with false claims in hopes to have you pay money. See below where I was “mentioned in the secret answer” and for $4.99 I can unlock my friends secret answer. The account I used was set up simply to scroll and observe. There are no pictures, content and connections to my contact list on my device. This is simply a bait tactic to gain more business.

I found another very nice review online for you to read more about Askfm.

See below for screenshots from the app and the creepy questions easily asked anonymously on this app.

I would not recommend this app for anyone under the age of 17. ~Ryan

Askfm anonymous questions