How can we raise media literate kids? 

I was meeting with an assembly of youth recently and I was discussing media literacy with them. I was encouraging them to look at the digital world they live in and interpret the information (and misinformation) and develop their own understanding of what is (digitally) in front of them. Then I saw Dr. Sameer Hinduja’s recent blog about media literacy and wanted to share it with my audience. Media literacy is defined as “…the ability to access, create, analyze, and evaluate messages in a variety of forms and these components operate in a nonlinear and recursive fashion where they help and act upon one another.” In his blog he broke media literacy into three skills.

1- Create Content to Make a Difference and Defend Others
2- Analyze Content To Detect Various Forms of Harm
3- Evaluate Content to Prevent Victimization

This is a great blog and a must read if you want to help your kids learn to critically create, analyze and evaluate as a part of their daily digital routines. I highly encourage reading this and becoming familiar with (digital) media literacy. We have to teach our kids to be critical thinkers!!