How can we raise media literate kids? 

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of young people and discuss media literacy with them. In our digital world, it’s important for youth to be able to interpret information (and misinformation) and develop their own understanding of what is in front of them. That’s why I wanted to share Dr. Sameer Hinduja’s blog on media literacy with my audience. Media literacy is the ability to access, create, analyze, and evaluate messages in various forms, which interact in a nonlinear and recursive way. In his blog, Dr. Hinduja breaks media literacy into three essential skills:

1- Create content to make a difference and defend others
2-Analyze content to detect various forms of harm
3-Evaluate content to prevent victimization

This is an excellent resource and a must-read if you want to help your kids learn to critically create, analyze, and evaluate digital content. Developing media literacy skills is crucial for helping youth become critical thinkers. Start by reading Dr. Hinduja’s blog to learn more.