“Thousands scammed by AI voices mimicking loved ones in emergencies”

It’s Friday night and you receive a distressing call from someone claiming to be your son, saying he’s been kidnapped and the kidnappers are demanding a ransom of $10,000 for his safe return. Your heart races as your son cries for your help. However, this is not a real situation. The voice on the phone has actually been generated by AI, and your son is safe and sound. This is a parent’s worst nightmare come true, but it’s also a current trend being exploited by scammers. In 2022 alone, over $11 million was stolen by imposter phone scammers using AI-generated voices.

According to The Washington Post, AI models are being used to closely simulate a person’s voice, making it easier for bad actors to mimic loved ones and scam vulnerable people out of thousands of dollars. It’s essential to be aware of this trend and learn how to protect yourself from this latest wave of cybercrime.

It’s not just individuals who are at risk; school professionals must also be aware of these technologies that could be used to create havoc in schools. Take a minute to read the article and educate yourself on how to safeguard against this growing threat.