What is the Sendit app and is it OK for my child?

I’ve been asked a few different times recently about the Sendit app and if it’s ok for kids to use. With everything in the world, the answer is not as easy as “yes” or “no”. The Sendit app is an anonymous app that allows for users to receive anonymous feedback from friends through Snapchat. For a college aged student, they may be able to handle possible negative comments. High school students are still learning to cope with criticism and harsh peers and are learning to fend off negativity and may be able to react with a strong self-confidence to any negative feedback. Middle school aged kids will struggle greatly trying to fit in and deal with insults, bullying and degrading comments via this app. Anything that is anonymous has the potential for abuse. Take a minute and read through the review I put together for the Sendit app before you decide if it is appropriate for your child based upon your family values.   ~Ryan